Testing Services

PSI uses sensitive qPCR analysis suitable to detecting the presence and amount of plant pests in your sample. We are currently testing for low levels of clubroot and glyphosate resistant (GR) kochia.

Sampling Procedure

If you’d like to submit a sample from your field for testing, fill out the form below. Tests must be prepaid through PayPal by clicking the “Make Payment” button. 

Once you’ve completed the form and payment, Pest Surveillance Initiative will send you a shipping label and sample bag. Simply take a sample from your field and send it in for testing.

Clubroot: Samples must be taken in the field according to MBAg sampling protocols.

GR Kochia: Samples must be taken according to a specific procedure here. It is important to include a photo of the ‘patch’ prior to sampling; and to keep the plant samples you collect frozen. DNA in plant tissue degrades very quickly if not frozen.

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