Testing Services

PSI uses sensitive DNA-based methodology to detect the presence and amount of crop pests in the environment. We are currently testing for low levels of clubroot; glyphosate resistant (GR) kochia and Blackleg races

Sampling Procedure

If you’d like to submit a sample from your field for testing, fill out the form below. Tests must be prepaid through PayPal by clicking the “Make Payment” button or by using the MCGA member code..  MCGA members receive 1 free test of clubroot, GR kochia and Blackleg race per year- a $450 value!

Once you’ve completed the form and payment, Pest Surveillance Initiative will send you a Canada Post shipping label. 

Clubroot: Samples must be taken in the field according to MBAg sampling protocols.  Place the soil in a clean, sealable bag and label with the location information.

GR Kochia: Samples must be taken according to a specific procedure here.  MB Ag has posted a great video on how to sample and submit.  For testing purposes up to 8 plants can be submitted for one LLD.  Please label each plant (Plant 1, 2 etc).

Blackleg Race: PSI's Blackleg test is in two parts:  First, we confirm if the sample is in fact Blackleg.  If Blackleg is confirmed, we identify the races present in the field where the sample was taken.  If the sample is not Blackleg, we will refund 50% of the testing fee as the race test cannot be done. Follow the sampling protocol for best results.  

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