GR Kochia Map

Glyphosate Resistance

Not Tested
Susceptible to Glyphosate
Indeterminate Resistance to Glyphosate
Resistant to Glyphosate

The Basics of GR Kochia

The map shows confirmed glyphosate resistant (GR) kochia findings by Rural Municipality from sampling conducted since 2014. In Manitoba, DNA from leaf materials of suspected GR kochia is assayed to determine the extent of resistance to glyphosate. This approach allows for a more rapid identification of suspected resistance in plants that did not respond to glyphosate application because it doesn't require seed production of the suspected resistant plants. Rapid identification of resistant plants is key to containing and slowing the spread of GR kochia biotypes into new fields.

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Kochia in Soybean Field, Credit: MB Ag.


DNA is obtained from green, actively growing plant material.

Get Your Soil Tested

PSI uses DNA methodology developed by Colorado State University to determine both the presence of resistance and the levels of glyphosate tolerance within suspected GR kochia populations.  

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