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Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) is mapping the incidence of the clubroot pathogen within Manitoba on a township-range basis. PSI collects and tests samples from all township-ranges in Manitoba to establish broad-spectrum information and maps on incidence of clubroot.

Clubroot Project Details

Glyphosate Resistant (GR) Kochia

A single glyphosate resistant (GR) kochia plant can produce ~14,000 seeds. While seed longevity is poor, seeds can spread by wind, water and equipment. Rapid identification of resistant plants is key to containing and slowing the spread of GR kochia bio-types into new fields.

GR Kochia Project Details


Blackleg Race ID

Knowing the race of Blackleg present in your environment can aid seed selection and and minimize the risk of yield loss.  PSI uses a highly sensitive DNA based test to identify Blackleg and the race(s) present in a stubble.  We then provide a recommendation on which R gene group to look for in the seed variety you are purchasing.  MCGA members can have one free Blackleg sample done per year- details on how to redeem your free test coming shortly. 

Blackleg Project Details



PSI is partnering with Genome Prairie and research and educational partners in Manitoba to bring the latest advances in genomic science from the lab to the field.