Clubroot Project

UPDATE: Looking for Clubroot galls for Race ID- contact PSI for details

Clubroot has been found in Manitoba canola fields.  Clubroot is a long-lived soil-borne disease that can cause significant economic yield losses and once established, it is difficult to manage.

Clubroot of Canola: The Facts

Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) maps the incidence of clubroot spore DNA within Manitoba on a township-range basis.  PSI uses highly sensitive DNA testing that can detect low levels of clubroot DNA- before symptoms may be visible and before crop loss has occurred.

Growers will receive the results from their fields directly from PSI. All individual results —either identifying the level of clubroot spores detected or negative for clubroot spores — will be kept confidential.  Township-range level information, however, will be used to generate a map showing the Rural Municipalities with presence/absence of clubroot. 

MB Agriculture maintains the map showing positive clubroot findings by Rural Municipality (RM), discovered through visual field symptoms and/or presence of clubroot spores in soil through laboratory testing for DNA.  

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